Valued Grain Chain – Digital tool and knowhow for valued grain chain

We develop together with farmers and technology providers a digital grain value chain from field to markets to increase the profitability of cereal production.

Identifying the value of the grain yield in in-field scale before the harvest has been difficult and laborious. Also, the logistics from field to markets including harvest, handling and storing for the identified separate grain lots has been difficult in practice. However, if made easier, this could increase the profitability of cereal production farms. So, in this experiment, we integrate available digital smart farming solutions to identify, show and realize the value of different grain lots produced in farms. Farmers and technology providers work in close co-operation in this experiment.

The experiment includes:

  1. precision/smart farming technologies,
  2. defining the quality of grain lots and
  3. giving them IDs in farms,
  4. selling the grain lots with attached product data in electronic grain marketplace.

Duration 1/1/2019 – 31/12/2020

Expected Impacts

Our target is to:

  1. reduce risk for nitrogen, phosphorous and carbon emissions from field by 10 %.
  2. increase paid price of grain per farm at least 10 % compared to usual market channels.
  3. create mutual awareness of grain production and its goals between farmers and consumers, and to receive at least 5 actionable development or collaboration suggestions from consumers per farm.