1. Farmer-consumer co-creation

We introduce digital co-creation services and methods to farmers. In this experiment, we aim to obtain information about consumer preferences that has value in the grain markets. The obtained information may relate for example to grain production methods or grain produce itself.

  1. Modelling the information flows with common ontology

We model the data flows in the experiment and determine the common data ontology using global data standards when available for the data exchange between the integrated services of Valued Grain Chain. We also collect data in the farms for the experiment’s purposes.

  1. Integrating services through the integration platform to establish the needed data flows

We will integrate in the Valued  Grain Chain needed through an integration platform (Cinia) to establish the needed data flows.

  1. Implementing the data and grain flow from farm to markets

We will establish data and grain flows from farms to electronic market place. We have three farms in the experiment: Knehtilä Farm (organic) and Similä’s Farm in Finland and Hedåkers Säteri in Sweden. We will map the quality of grain already in the field before harvesting by using remote sensing techniques (AgroIntelli and Luke). We will confirm the maps by measuring the quality of each mapped field zone with hand-held quality measurement device (GrainSense). Valuable areas will be harvested and stored separately as independent lots, and they will receive individual IDs. We will process farm (spatial) cultivation/history data and newly measured grain quality data to product information according to the interests in the markets (origin, location, quality, carbon balance, etc.) We will link the resulting information to the ID in question (Suonentieto and DataVäxt). Then, we will register the grain lot with ID and related product information to the electronic marketplace ( for selling. We will carry out the first experiment in 2019 and repeat it in 2020.

  1. Evaluation of the established digital system (ecosystem) and its benefits.

We will evaluate the feasibility and gained benefits of the Valued Grain Chain system of systems.

  1. Educational and (hands-on) training events for farmers and other actors in the grain value chain, dissemination

We will introduce and demonstrate new digital technologies and created ecosystem to farmers and other AgTech actors by hands-on training and dissemination events.